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We provide all well known courses that is more needed for technical purpose.
Welcome to the Department of Science and Mathematics, one of the largest and most comprehensive...
Vision To impart quality education in Electrical & Electronics engineering through innovation and Research with...
Vision To be a centre of Academic and Research excellence in Mechanical Engineering to fulfill...
Vision To produce competent and sustainable civil engineers with a societal perspective. Mission By providing...
Vision To achieve academic excellence in electronics and communication engineering by imparting quality technical education...
Vision To build competent professionals embedded with human values to meet the challenges in the...
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  • About Labs

    “Yadgir polytechnic have a well equipped laboratories in different branches. We also have a technical staffs for laboratories regarding the subjects”.

  • About Placements

    “We also provide a different placements for all branches. Many companies that are visiting at the end of our systematic courses. We also give a HR training for student career so they can improve their soft skills as well as their knowledge”.

  • About College

    “Yadgir Polytechnic has well qualified teachers of different subjects. We also have a well qualified principal who is more obedient and good person. His aim is to give a quality education to the student so they can  success in all area. Our teachers are well trained in all the fields. We have a supporting student and staffs”.

  • Teacher Message

    “In life You get the test First and Lesson After”

  • Testimonals
    • I have three precious things, which I hold fast and prize. The first is gentleness; the second is frugality; the third is humility, which keeps me from putting myself before…
    • "You have a choice to look at the glass half full or the glass half empty...If you look at the potential of that glass half full and think about it…
    • " Our wounds give us wisdom, our stumbling blocks become our stepping stones, and our setbacks lead us to our strengths. " Let not failure dishearten you or difficulties overwhelm you…