Welcome to Yadgir Polytechnic

Our Mission

We strive to provide a quality education to our students so that they can use their knowledge to build a well-qualified technical society.


Our Vision

Our vision is the power of knowledge and quality education.

The Yadgir Polytechnic established in 1986, in Yadgir with an ambition to promote and disseminate knowledge and sere in general the cause of education. The Society has been continuously aiming at developing quality human resources and maintaining high academic standards, covering large segments of the student community.

The relentless pursuing the excellence of Education Society, has led us to strive for quality in all activities. The Quality Improvement Programs and Support programs have provided the students with intellectual depth and training, necessary to pursue productive careers in their professions.

Our Goals

To Provide the students quality of education a sense of history, an understanding of values and ethics, an appreciation of human creative and an analytical inquiring mind.

To develop highly skilled human resource, with an ability to adapt an intellectually and technologically changing environment, through the participative efforts of management, staff, students and parents.